About Wod Coin

What is the WodCoin?
The WodCoin is a community-orientated, ERC20 token which utilizes Ethereum platform for the gaming industry and the Esports community. The Price rate of Wodcoin is fixed and set to worth exactly 0.1EUR. The goal of the Wodcoin is to be the primary currency used in the esports field, as tournaments prize pools and pro gamers winnings will be gifted\earned safely with Wodcoins. The Wodcoin is currently being used to buy and sell digital assets on the official World of Duels platform, as it planned to expand its exposure and credibility to be used by the entire esports community.
Why the WodCoin?
The Wodcoin is the safe and private option, based on the Ethereum blockchain, which promise gamers a fast and secure way to collect, receive and exchange their esports earnings with fiat currency and various crypto coins. And it is doing so without an outrageous exchange fee!
Additionally, Wodcoin is subjected to airdrops and various bonuses as its being published and gains traction within the esports industry and as the primary currency of skilled gaming sites.
How does it works?
Very very simple: All you need is a crypto currency wallet, which is super easy to open up if you are yet to have one, and there are various many good ones online, just chose the one fitting for you.
Once you have a wallet, simply chose the currency you would like to exchange with the Wodcoins, choose the package with the amount of Wodcoins that you want, mark if you would like the currency to your wallet or to your Woduels user and continue to check out.
In the following pages you will receive the QR code and crypto address for the exchange. Simply scan the QR code or insert the address and the right exchanged amount and finally follow through with your order. Within seconds you should receive a confirmation and your brand new Wodcoins directly to your wallet or Woduels user, in accordance with your previous preference.
For who is the WodCoin?
The Wodcoin was created to be used for the entire gamers and esports community. Deriving out of it, is that the Wodcoin is the gamers crypto. The coin is made for gamers that play on skilled gaming sites, as well as for gamers who participate in local and international tournaments. Moreover to that, the Wodcoin was created to generate innovation and ingenuity and to enable cooperation and harmony between the different prize pools in various countries, tournaments and esports related websites.
Where can it buy the WodCoin?
The Wodcoin is currently available for exchange from this official coin website and it’s accessible from the home page or via the Buy & Sell tab. In the future you may see the coin on various well known cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
About US
We are gamers and entrepreneurs who seek to improve and expand the exposure and gift of joy that skilled gaming is bestowing on its contesters and spectators. We find it within our goals and duties to aid the esports community with a currency that will allow a safe, coherent, fast, risk and fee free transections and prize giveaways. Looking to improve and add to this amazing industry.